Established in late 1998 as trust, NEEDS [Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support] have started intervention in selected poverty stricken pockets of Bihar and Jharkhand and brought about a significant change in the life of women and children in terms of food security, sustainable livelihood and overall empowerment of the participating community. Micro enterprises like creating irrigated cropping round the year, developing maize, beans clusters, poultry clusters, vermi compost producer villages, establishing multi tire cropping systems, enhancing rice productivity by 4 fold are significant changes that are visible.

Inclusion strategies are put in forefront, gender issues are incorporated and digital divide has been addressed as empowerment indicators in the program of NEEDS. The technology modulation center established in one of the block is to conduct R&D in technical and social enterprising is contributing largely to our program success. We are conducting volunteering and leadership programs among young youths known as master trainers and service providers and engaging them with community is a successful model of NEEDS in supporting community particularly of tribal women segments and to bring about knowledge/ skill sustenance at community level.

One of our important focuses is institutional arrangements in self-help format and their skill building while creating a shared vision for change. While creating shared vision, community shares a holistic approach towards development that includes improved health and education access by women and children in particular. Financial inclusion has been ensured of ultra-poor families through banks and micro finance institutions as graduation criteria for withdrawal by NEEDS.

  • Sustained food and nutritional security of marginalized, especially women and children, through environmentally sound interventions, while considering human rights while considering equity and human rights.

  • Value-based communities of dignified and informed citizens.

  • If households of Jharkhand and Bihar living in poverty are mobilized in collectives and their knowledge and skills are enhanced, including of imparting new skills, their ability to access resources gets enhanced, resulting in exit from poverty. This helps in visioning towards quality of life and developing the necessary human, social, and economic capital i.e. livelihood, education, health and hygiene outcomes while addressing gender issues.

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Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support


In NEEDS Volunteering is sustainable - knowledge shared and relationships formed with community people leave a positive impact that endures long after a placement. We welcome people to contribute their skills, time & talent through


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Mobile for Mother [M4M] is a project initiated by NEEDS for the application of multimedia capabilities of common phones to deliver educational and health care information to pregnant women regardless of their literacy level of education.