• All children will learn, grow & develop to realize their full potential in a joyful learning environment and free from any form of threat and abuse.

  • If communities and schools are engaged and educated about child rights and protection, the scope for protection of every child from any form of threat and abuse would substantially reduce and opportunities for children get enhanced for joyful living.

  • Over 72 % girls drop out after middle school and are not enrolled in high schools In Jharkhand, 35.9% of girls are married before completing their 18th birthday

  • • Identification of NBA and out of school girls of 10+ age group.
    • Remedial coaching, mainstreaming in Govt. schools and monitoring / tracking on retention in schools.
    • Campaign against early marriage and help girls retaining in school.
    • Conduct sessions on child protection issues, life skills, computer skills, English speaking and karate classes for confidence building.
    • Engage men and boys and other gate keepers to create enabling environment for girls, and to address gender issues.
    • Mobilize all existing commercial tuition / coaching centers of village location and support them to create opportunity for girls to attend coaching/ tuition.
    • Create opportunity for girls to attend / continue education through open schools if and when there is a physical barrier due to distance of school.
    • Capacity building of School management committees.
    • Facilitate formation of child protection committees.
    • Rescue and rehab facilitation of children in distress including of child labour and child with conflict of law through child line initiative.
    • School intervention in quality of education.
    • Financial and social enterprising intervention for children in school and out of schools including of Child leadership skill building.
    • RTE compliance assessment and evidence based advocacy and community demand generation.

    Support Organization: MelJole- NABARD/ Mumbai
    Project Period: July 2014 to June 2017
    Location: Palajori, Deoghar
  • The Aflatoun Social and Financial Education programme is a medium that helps to build the 5 core capability among the participating children:

    • Personal understanding and ability to explore
    • Understand their rights and responsibilities
    • Understand what is savings and spending, what is called investment
    • Planning and budgeting
    • Social and financial enterprising

    This programme facilitates children to undertake social and financial enterprises and have their own bank account. Children are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process to understand money and the market that affects them through games, activities, songs and workbooks, school wide saving clubs etc. It aims to promote of social and financial enterprising for child orientation and understanding

    The Aflatoun program is built around the key theme of financial education to ensure that children especially those living in economically disadvantaged regions will be engaged in sound social, economic and financial practices as they become consumers, workers and producers.

    • Establish linkages and rapport with respective school head teachers.
    • To form Aflatoun and Aflateen club in each villages in Palajori
    • Schools to adapt Aflatoun and Aflateen curriculum within available time of extracurricular activities for social and financial enterprising.
    • Capacity building of teachers and team NEEDS responsible for the project.
    • The clubs to start Aflatoun banking activity and small savings.
    • Aflatoun and Aflateen and should start school sanitation, hand wash, menstrual hygiene like activities within schools and also outreaching community to influence girl child enrolment and attendance in schools.

    Support Organization: Child Line
    Project Period: July 2012 to March 2015
    Location: Based on Sonaraithari but also look into cases from Sarwan and Palajori
  • To establish one common brand for CHILDLINE, making it the most recognized reference point in the field of Child Rights. The aim is to launch the CHILDLINE service to the most under-represented and under-reached geographical and thematic child rights areas and to develop systems and processes to ensure performance excellence.

    Commitment and dedication to the welfare and the protection of the rights of children at Sonaraithari block, Deoghar. The objective was also to form several child protection committees.

    • Program campaigning and promotion in 116 villages
    • Awareness generation program with community member at Panchayati Raj Institution Member, school teachers, children, local administration
    • Open house meeting with school children
    • Developing children club
    • Several engagement activities: Panchayat engagement, school children engagement, SHG engagement, Health engagement.

    Support Organization: KFO/Austria
    Project Period: July 2014- June 2017
    Project Location: 24 School of Sarwa & Sonaraithari Block of Deoghar district.
  • All girls under the age of 10-18 years have access to quality of education, Right to Education realized by girls while empowered for protection of their body and any form of gender and sexual abuse. Program focuses on Girl’s education and campaign against early marriage in 267 villages of Sarwa and Sonairaithari Block in Deoghar targeting 6000 out of school girls.

    • Ensuring enrollment and Retention of all girls those are never been to school or dropped out of school (age 10+ and ensured that they retain in education system for at-least total 10 years in school or through open school).
    • 276 government schools would have impact on 9621 children through qualitative education inputs in 36 months of intervention with special attainment among girls’ children i.e. all girls of 6-14 age group would be enrolled in school and retained.
    • All girls of 10+ and up to 18 years would continue in school [beyond RTE framework of India] and acquire life skills to ascertain their rights for life of dignity i.e. 7021 girls of 14+ age groups till 18 age group.
    • Reduce gender discrimination, gender violence at home, school and community level, Child Protection Committee (CPC) are proactive in monitoring any form of abuse and violation and record protest and secure protection, while making every girl accretive.

    • Identifying out of school children and the reason of being out of school through baseline survey.
    • Enroll children in remedial coaching centers for out of school children to provide them age appropriate competency level and address on their performance while ensuring joyful learning.
    • Linkage of children with remedial coaching centers and schools to ensure mainstreaming in Government schools or through National Open Schools. • Create a model school with motivated and sensitized Child Protection Committee (CPC), School Management Committee (SMC), and support from Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI).
    • Creating opportunities for Adolescent girls to take charge of their life and career through Special coaching i.e. English speaking course, computer literacy, Karate trainings etc.
    • Conduct social audit using performance indicators and develop report card for schools performance and draw strategies for advocacy


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