• Chanakya Award in 13th Bihar Award for Best NGO.

    Certificate of Recognition for “CommCare, category m-HEALTH for one button access to Health Information in Rural Jharkhand” at m-Billionth Award South Asia in 2011.

    First accredited NGO in India for desirable norms of good governance and transparency as endorsed by Planning Commission and Credibility Alliance.

    India NGO Award 2012-13 for the impact that has been created in the life of its clients/ community by NEEDS program.

    India NGO Award 2009 for Best NGO in Medium Category for East INDIA.

    Presidents Award in 2008 for “Nirmal Gram Panchayat” under TSC program.

    Letter of Excellence from Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for the innovation and application of technology on system of paddy [SRI] technology.

    Worked as a Mother NGO for Jharkhand Education project council [JEPC] for rural children living in difficulties.

    Appointed as Maternal Death Auditor under NRHM program by Govt. of Jharkhand.

    Working as technical advisor and support agency for strengthening DHAP for 3 districts of Jharkhand.

    Appointed as nodal agency for food security of primitive tribe of Deoghar district.

    Worked as consultant for Unicef for CCA program assessment for Bihar and Jharkhand.

    Worked as consultant for world bank sponsored Bihar Education program [BEP] appreciative inquiry and documentation of Sasaram district.

    Working as Resource Agency for NABARD on System of Rice Intensification.

    NEEDS is engaged in youth policy & program development of Government of Jharkhand.

    We are the member of national youth policy framework development- current revision team.

    We are the member of child convention report team for the state.


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Mobile for Mother [M4M] is a project initiated by NEEDS for the application of multimedia capabilities of common phones to deliver educational and health care information to pregnant women regardless of their literacy level of education.